Volunteer Testimonials


Cynthia – Has been coming since the fall of 2016, one of our most trusted and experienced riders she is always ready to muck in (and out) and has a wonderful way with the horses, even or especially those with a few issues.  Riding horses since she can remember – This is what she had to say July 2017 - I am always happy around a barn, grew up around horses but after having major back surgery three years ago thought I would never ride again.  I came just to be around horses again and am just so grateful.  Coming to Joeys is therapeutic - This place “brought me back to who I used to be”. Melinda is amazing, the ranch is just always clean and the horses so very well cared for,  I just love, love being here...  Cannot say enough good things about this place.


Melinda Sophia

Another very experienced rider Melinda  like Cynthia helps by exercising horses on trail rides and around the ranch, restoring the horses confidence and trust in mankind.... Always ready, willing and able with a muck rake and a smile Melinda helps out in so many different ways - This is what she had to say July 2017 - This place is exceptional it is just so nice just to be here, super clean and nicely maintained, hardly any flies and everyone is so nice to be around. Melinda (founder Melinda) is incredible I have no idea how she does it but I am glad I can help out and I just love these horses. I cannot describe how it works but I am just happier when I come here, yes I am much happier when I am spending time at the ranch.  


Stephanie has owned a horse and brings her experience, love and great energy to each and every horse every time she is here, and she is here as often as possible helping in many different ways.  


Has been helping with fund raising activities and the NEW web site and lets not forget mucking and grooming. Not the best rider (yet) she will learn to ride in a saddle one day and here is what Beth had to say July 2017 - I cannot describe the difference this place has made to my life, from adopting Rian my baby goat rescued at the ranch, to the friends I have made here and the countless experiences of simple bliss that comes with getting out of my stuff and coming to the rescue.  I leave here better than I came every time,  these horses are a tonic they seem to give me so much more than I can give them and Melinda runs this rescue with such dedication and hope for what is to come for all of us.