Adoption Success Stories

Semper & Wyatt

Our first auction save... We named him Semper in honor of our local Marine Base.   Always faithful & loyal Semper was adopted by Wyatt an eleven year old boy who fell in love and has stayed in love with this remarkable horse 

Junior & Zandree

Junior now named Joey The War Horse was headed to slaughter as an older unwanted ranch horse, who found his forever home with Zandree and her family. 

Commander & Zoe

This incredible Thoroughbred was again part of our Christmas miracle in 2016 when every horse the kill buyer bid against went home with one of three rescues working together..  Adopted by  

Dakota & Raeleen

A beautiful horse with so much potential rescued to the best possible home.  Bringing so much joy and meaning to the lives of her adopted family, leading to two future successful adoptions. 

Savanna & Raeleen

Savanna was an owner surrender from an extremely abusive home, she has trust issues.  It took two and a half months of working with her multiple times a day to be able to put a halter on her.  Raeleen fell in love with her and has adopted her as her own special pasture puff.

Domino & Diane

Domino was an owner surrender as a two year old stud. We nursed him back to health and got him "fixed".  Soon after adopted him to the most fantastic forever home and owner in a true unicorn situation.