Sanctuary & Sponsorship

Some horses will see out their days at JHAR

From time to time we occasionally participate in "Compassionate Saves" or discover that the best interest of the horse is not adoption but sanctuary.   A limited amount of the horses we rescue  like Freckles will make JHAR their permanent home.  We are looking for sponsors and angels to be part of their life and assist financially and (or) participate in other ways to assist with their care.

Sponsorship Offers

  • Direct one on one relationship with a horse you choose - Your horse remains at the ranch and you visit when you can for trail rides (if conditions are suitable) or get to know them and care for them as and when you can.
  • Remote Sponsorship  - Always wanted a horse but live in the city? This is your chance to be a big part of a horse's life, visiting when you can and remaining updated on all of their antics and well being.
  • Affordable & Practical - Now you can be a big part of a horse's life. A horse who needs you.

How It Works

Maybe you are local would love a horse but not quite ready for the commitment, maintenance, upkeep and risk involved in owning a horse.  Come sponsor and see what happens from there. 

Maybe your company has a philanthropic program but would like to be closer to the cause they are supporting and incorporate team building events or what not.   Come sponsor and direct your donations to a particular horse, corral or project.

Maybe you have another idea...   We would love to hear how you can see sponsorship working for you 


Partial $50 - $100

Complete $150.00 - $250.00

Permanent Residents For Sponsorship


Unsuitable for adoption due to long term emotional trauma.


Beautiful, mild mannered Charlie, happy as can be until he has to leave the ranch. Neglected and traumatized by several previous owners his best interest is to see out his days at JHAR.  You will love this mature, affectionate  horse who finally knows love and protection.


Unsuitable for adoption due to several conditions that make it risky for him to lave the ranch.

 Freckles has been with us for four years, a big beautiful guy that had a knee injury at a young age that limits him to leave, walk and trot. No up & down hills or cantering.  A wonderfully trained lesson horse who helps all our beginners and some volunteers learn to ride & care for horses.  He LOVES to eat and works for cookies.  Freckles will not be adopted out to ensure he isn't passed around or ridden to hard. 


Unstable for adoption due to Navicular & Hock damage.  

Halo is a nine year old ex Barrel racer was surrendered by her owner who was "finished" with her. We have had her x-rayed and injected her hocks able to keep her comfortable with custom corrective shoeing and on going medication. She is the most affectionate & happy horse you could ever hope for so we retired her to pasture life with one of our foster homes.  She will live out her life under the protection of JHAR.