Joey's Story

How it all began

 After a life time of having horses my husband Joe and I were down to one horse I could no longer ride due to arthritis in my knees & hip and we decided to let Favor, who had been foaled here live, out her life but no more horses for us in our old age. In February 2011 I had a call from a woman that had seen an emaciated horse that was abandoned in the barren mountains north of Desert Hot Springs, CA. She said someone had to get him out or he would die without food or water. I couldn't just ignore that he needed help & hope someone else would help him. My grandson & I searched for him until dark & that night we called in help and made a plan. The next morning we had two jeeps full of people to search. We drove up and down very steep hills and through washes searching for signs of a horse. We hiked up side canyons but found no sign of him. No one could believe that a horse could be this far up in the mountains without food or water. We saw remains of deer & mountain goats along the way.  Finally after searching for hours and hiking up a large canyon we came around a turn and there he was. He was just standing there looking at us like "Where have you been?" He was a pathetic site.  Just skin on bone!  But he let us walk right up to him and put on a halter. We gave him hay & water in small amounts. We weren't sure how we were going to get him out but knew we had to hurry if we were going to get it done by dark. When we left him I gave him a hug and promised we would not leave him there another night. We returned with the livestock trailer two hours later and headed out to find him again with the hope he was strong enough to walk the 8 miles back to the trailer and that he would go in it. He was waiting for us right where we left him. We took turns leading him out of the canyon for several hours  but we finally made it.  It was very dark and we were praying that we could get him in the trailer without a fight. I asked my daughter to hold him while I got some grain to entice him into what had to look like a dark tunnel. Before I realized it he had leaped into the trailer almost knocking me down and dragging my daughter with him.  I called Joe on the way home and told him we had the horse and to put up another corral. You have to realize it was 9:30 and we go to bed at 6:30 that time of year. I was asking a lot. He said you aren't bringing him here. I ask what else am I going to do with him tonight. So of course when I got home there was a corral ready with food and water. Next morning as Joe left for work he told me "Call Animal Control. I don't want to see that horse when I get home." So I called a dear friend, Diane Van Santen, who just happened to have a friend, Carol Morgan, that had mentioned that she had always dreamed of having a horse. Carol lives in Utah but said "of course I will take him if you will keep him there."Carol came to see him the next day and named him Joey. Actually she named him "Joi" as in "Joi dever" but being a country girl what did I know so he became Joey.After that it seemed there was always another horse in dire straights and we soon decided that somehow we had become a rescue.