Susan - Palm Desert - 2017

 I have visited Joey’s Home on numerous occasions and have always been in awe of Melinda and the wonderful work she does with these special horses. She takes such good care of the grounds, the stables and all the common areas where the horses are housed. I witnessed horses come to Joey’s Home in dire need of physical and mental care. And within no time at all these beautiful animals come back to life and they have a chance to maybe find a “forever home” with someone.   And for the reasons above I have decided to join the team of supporters and now contribute money every month to help Melinda keep doing the wonderful work on behalf of Joey’s Home. I will also volunteer to brush, wash and whatever it takes to help her in any way I can.     

Diane / Domino 2017

Joey's rescue put me together with my miniature horse Domino, last year.  He is such a treat!  He is daring, smart, always ready to work and a darling representative of his breed.          I was really lucky to get in contact with Melinda at  Joey's Rescue.  A friend put me in touch with Melinda when she saw a picture of Domino online.   Melinda did everything she could to make sure Domino's transition went smoothly.  A rescue agent checked out my ranch for suitability, I was interviewed, and then I got to meet Domino.  Since bringing him home, he had an operation to correct a front hoof realignment and he had gone into training for his job as a driving horse.  He loves going out, dressed up with his own harness, and showing off to all who see us.  He is a real joy.  I am very thankful to Melinda and her volunteers at Joey's Rescue for facilitating my partnership with the greatest mini horse in the world!


Penny Dees - 2017

Hello, I would like to say a few words about a horse rescue I recently had the enjoyment to acquaint myself with. Due to having my riding horse injured last year and after time, money and treatments failed, I found myself possibly looking for a replacement trail partner. A very good friend suggested going to Joey’s Home to start my search locally along with looking online and out of the immediate area. Well folks, I have to admit, I was dragging my feet at the prospect of checking out a local rescue. What a wonderful surprise to find a rescue run with the horse being the priority. What do I mean by that? When a new horse is brought in, it is quarantined, checked out by a veterinarian, teeth done if needed, feet taken care of, chiropractic if needed and gets assessed as to what that individual horse is adoptable. Whether that means rideable, pasture mate or just an adored yard ornament. Once a horse is adaptable, every effort is made to match rider/home with horse.  So, if you’re looking to volunteer your time, knowledge, looking for a horse or would like to donate financially, I can’t recommend a better place than Joeys Home. It is a remarkable place where no effort is spared for the benefit of the horse.