Corporate Kindness

Sponsor a Horse or Corral

In 2017 we will be offering companies who support us the opportunity to name a horse or corral after companies, individuals or teams who champion fund raising efforts for JHAR.  Add content for newsletters, motivate and develop team building activities while connecting your firm with a meaningful story that can be followed and shared. 

Bring the team to Joshua Tree CA

Joshua Tree CA, is attracting more and more corporate events every year, it is stunningly beautiful with space and tranquility that promotes mindfulness, relaxation and personal development.  

We are working on programs for the fall 2017 that allow companies to combine team building and corporate training events with volunteer days at our ranch.  Collaborative, interactive, fun with huge benefits for both the ranch and your employees.

How can we help you help us?

Got an idea?  Looking to combine corporate culture development with a philanthropic event?

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